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The IoT and the Security Challenges

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

Nowadays IoT became the most known buzzword which impacts businesses in different ways. As every new buzzword on the market, it not only comes with promises but also with limitations and risks. When considering different business models and how IoT leverages business opportunities, the implementation of the IoT can darken the sky. This is due to challenges faced by the companies in securing the IoT systems.

Researchers stated that security is a cultural problem and not a technological one. The reason for this, they say, is the fact that a culture of security has not been developed, yet. Hence, the solution would be to combine algorithms with human understanding, to build and to empower a healthy culture of security thought the full development cycle of any IoT product. Basically, they recommend to embrace security issues and to treat them as part of their organizational culture. Moreover, technological innovation must meet all the security standards, the recommended approach would be for the company to be opened to new transformations required by the cultural approach above. Technological innovation comes with big data requirements so enterprises should be realistic when establishing goals and the IoT strategy.

Enterprises ready to cope with the provocations implied must know that IoT is a key driver for business growth and offers multiple competitive advantages in the market.

From its start, Syswin Solutions has delivered high-performance IoT & M2M solutions on a single, secure platform, integrating different technologies, communication protocols and sensors to respond to the connectivity and security requirements that companies and the public sector need to meet in areas like Environment, Smart City, Smart Building, Metering, Industrial Control, Logistics, Security, Media, and Casino Management.

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