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Full transparency and control over all  your gaming devices, including slot machines and roulette. SmartCount controls all your devices remotely, manages access, monitors and generates real-time alerts and reports through serial or digital communication.

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Card-based behavior monitoring and game statistics, fully integrated with SmartCount. It provides detailed information about players’ activity and game statistics, for supporting complex marketing functionality, including loyalty and bonus programs.

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Mastering and optimizing jackpots for increased attractiveness. SmartJack is fully integrated with SmartCount and SmartCard and offers a wide range of custom settings that can be tested through automatic Jackpot predictions.

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End-to-end target tracking and visibility. M2M communication enables secure identification, monitoring, localization and management of any type of assets, goods, equipment or even people.

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MediaBox is a media content display and audit system that remotely edits and controls advertising videos and messages that run on any type of vending, vehicle, retail or street display.

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About Us

SYSWIN delivers high performance M2M solutions in order to respond to the connectivity requirements that companies need to meet in areas like Gambling, Vending, Flow-metering or Tracking. Machine to machine (M2M) communication enables networked devices to exchange information and perform actions automatically.

Using M2M, these devices send and receive data and requests to each other and to central management systems, autonomously and often in real time, opening up a whole new world of opportunities for business agility and efficiency.

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