Why Choose Us?

Work with Innovators

Our team of researchers attracts international recognition year after year at different Fairs for Inventions and Innovations like “Pro Invent” and “Invent – Invest.” Their visionary approach of technology benefits both our company and customers worldwide.

Powerful team

More than 30 researchers, programmers, and engineers with active purchasing, presales, and after-sales support work on over ten ongoing projects at any given time.

Top Notch Solutions and Support

We offer a versatile, scalable and innovative hardware and software platform serving different industries by adapting its parameters, complexity, and support level to the customer’s demand.

Fast Deployment

We design, develop, produce and test all our products and solutions in-house before deploying them into pilot projects to be tested independently by final user or third parties.

Grow your business

31% of our customers reported an increase in business volumes whereas 45% reported cost savings by automating manual processes or closing the gap between inflexible automatization systems and their needs.

Great Feedbacks

Our implemented projects bring immediate and measurable benefits revealed by traditional indicators, confirming customer’s expectations.


Defining IoT and M2M

IoT connects objects such as cars, buildings, and machines to the web, turning them into ’intelligent’ assets that can communicate with people, applications and each other. Fleets of machines, industrial machinery, in fact, nearly any fixed or mobile assets, will be equipped with M2M communication and IoT technologies so that tracking and centralized management can be achieved with more efficiency from a single platform.

Owners of assets in various fields of activity will continuously adopt IoT and M2M to monitor their activity efficiently and generate increased ROI.
Analysys Mason forecasts that the number of M2M device connections will grow up to 2.1 billion by 2021. In the Analysys Mason research, 78% of respondents said that M2M would be at the core of successful businesses in the future. Two-thirds of companies that are currently considering M2M, or that are in the process of implementing M2M view it as a top priority.

M2M applications can be used for a broad range of business initiatives, as they are closely linked to meeting critical business goals — such as cutting cost, growing productivity and differentiating from the competition. M2M can serve for achieving more “reactive” objectives, such as new legislation capping the cost of M2M data transmissions, or the need to respond to regulatory demands for using M2M. It’s interesting to note that 41% of companies are looking into M2M for improving their competitive advantage, and more than 80% agree that early adopters will gain an enormous competitive advantage, making this a major driver for M2M strategic adoption.

“With the right blend of business ambition, technology vision, and expert support, M2M can deliver truly transformational results. And the possibilities are changing all the time, as new and creative M2M solutions emerge. It will be fascinating to see how different the state of adoption, and hopes for the future, will be next year.”

Erik Brenneis, Director, M2M, Vodafone