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Syswin Solutions innovates agriculture with the support of Horizon 2020

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

We are committed to the successful commercialization of the SysAgria system; we are in the process of the Grant Agreement preparation of the grant H2020-SME-1-876635 SysAgria. The SME Instrument is a business innovation support scheme that targets SMEs in the 28 EU Member States and the Horizon 2020 associated countries. The aim of the instrument is to support the best companies with the most innovative ideas and biggest growth potential through two main phases – Phase 1 for exploring the feasibility of the business idea and Phase 2 for developing the innovation and preparing for its commercialization – and various additional acceleration services aimed at securing new partnerships and increasing the visibility of the beneficiary SMEs. The ultimate aim of the instrument is to get companies ready to scale up and go global. The SME Instrument was launched in 2014 and since then, it has become a very popular and competitive instrument that has firmly established itself on the European SME and startup scene.

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