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SysAgria Prahova Cucumbers

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

In Prahova County, one of the most ambitious SysAgria devices has been installed, designed to take a step further towards what we call “monitoring, command, and control”. Automated SysAgria is not only an impartial tool for observing and making available some of the information of interest, but also has a decision-making component that is meant to act in useful time, in the background of its learned thresholds, for the benefit of culture and, implicitly, of the farmer.

Using intelligent algorithms, SysAgria can take actions such as: opening the greenhouse sides when the humidity and/or temperature in the greenhouse reaches critical thresholds, it operates the ventilation or heating system soil, it can control the irrigation system and, implicitly, the fertilizer system, and so on.

In other words, the peripherals or the specific devices to a greenhouse, which can be connected and integrated with SysAgria, can be of a very permissive number and diversity. The impact of such a system is seen immediately. Reaching an optimal environment for plant developing and adjusting conditions to maintain this status will have effects such as: increased production, final quality, cost reduction by preventing losses, and using resources as specifically as possible.

Type of culture = greenhouse crops (vegetables) – at the moment, just cucumbers

Monitored parameters = relative air humidity, air temperature, wind speed, wind direction, soil temperature, soil humidity.

Monitored and controlled parameters = state of engines responsible for opening/closing the greenhouse side, greenhouse ventilation system.

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