Media content management system for advertising videos and messages, run on street and retail located displays.

How it works

A small controller manages each display through an HDMI cable, and the application offers centralized control over all connected units via Internet.

It is a complete “Plug & Play” solution that includes hardware and software kit. The device is very compact and can be attached to any display due to its minimal dimensions.

The hardware consists of one controller, one HDMI to DVI cable and a 5V/2A supply source. The Mini PC is capable of running full HD ads (1GHz, 2GB of RAM and 32GB ad storage memory).
The management software is intuitive and easy to use, conceived to manage an unlimited number of devices remotely.


The interface is intuitive and easy to use with drag&drop features.

All users have rights-based online access to the management application.

One application gives access to remote centralized content management and scheduling of personalized playlists of videos and messages that run on all connected displays.

Optional: the system recognizes the customer and automatically configures which ads to show.

Scheduled and predefined alerts and reports or complex and on-demand reports, including the number of users and bypassers.


It can connect and manage an unlimited number of devices and displays remotely.

Alerts to expired playlists, lost signal, failed commands, available storage by e-mail or SMS.

It is compatible with any file type.

It offers multilanguage support.