The 9th edition of the International Conference „Advanced Topics in Optoelectronics, Microelectronics and Nanotechnologies”,ATOM-N 2018, 23 – 26 August 2018, Constanta, Romania

Mechanical Properties of LEDs Bonds Realized with Conductive Adhesives Paste, authors: Mihai Branzei, Marian Vladescu, Ioan Plotog, Gaudentiu Varzaru, Bogdan Mihailescu.

The SW150 and the new types SW180 of Electrically Conductive Adhesives (ECA) dedicated to printing circuits1, meeting RoHS EU Directive2, were used, according to REACH EU Regulation3, to bond optoelectronics components, LED type, on test printed circuit boards (TPCBs) having daisy chain interconnection structures. Mechanical properties of LEDs bonds function of temperatures by measuring shear forces applied on each of bonded LEDs maintaining TPCBs at different temperature from ambient to 398 K (125 °C), were investigated. The shear forces measured values, the LEDs bonds micro sections and the microfractography after shear testes analyses and interpretations, facilitate the construction of a database that provides support for the development of temperature-sensitive optoelectronic device assembling solutions by bonding, using ECA. These solutions ensure avoidance of their functional temperature failures during classical assembly processes, comparing ECA curing and reflow temperatures.

Poster ATOM-N_2018 _OMN_100-170

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