SYSWIN SOLUTIONS IoT services and products have the ability to disrupt clients existing business models and move to higher added value. Data driven services permits stakeholders to see how connected IoT solutions really are used in the field and how they perform in real life. This insight can be used to optimize the research and development (R&D) cycle for the next generation of products.

Innovative Concept & Design

Prototying & Testing

Pilot Project & Fine Tuning

Cyber Security

Deployment & Service


Innovative Concept & Design

A team of researchers and engineers design custom solutions for each project:

  • Hardware design – CAD/CAE/CAM – using modern concepts like Design for Manufacturing (DfM), Design for Testability (DfT) and Design for Reliability (DfR)
  • Manufacturing of experimental models and prototypes using electronic technology according to global electronic standards, like IPC-A-600, IPC A-610
  • Software design including embedded software

Prototyping & Testing

Each product is tested extensively in our research laboratory and additionally by third parties if requested.

  • Surface Mount Technology Laboratory
  • Manufacturing experimental models, prototypes and small series for the evaluation of R&D results, including electrical and electronic measurements, testing and verification of conformity

Pilot Project & Fine Tuning

We conduct further testing in real-world conditions independently or at the beneficiary’s site.

For the pilot project manager, this means effort to obtain information from stakeholders to ensure the project will meet the desired requirements.

Deployment & Service

We install the final product and offer remote or on-site assistance and service.
Deployment Services is a coordinated approach, with a point of contact and responsibility plus maintenance options. The services are built by dedicated project teams with recognized methodology, tools and quality control processes.


We offer hosting services for Syswin applications, with the following specifications:

  • minimum of two virtual processors (vCPU)
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 60 GB distributed in RAID 5 configuration on solid-state drives (SSD)
  • internet connection redundancy through two different ISPs
  • application data backup every 24 hours
  • dedicated IP address
  • hardware redundancy and real-time back-up for our applications on demand

Our security model is deployed in two layers, the physical and the logical layer.

Physical security
The physical layer consists of ensuring non-stop surveillance in order to restrict the physical access to our equipment and only allow for approved personnel to come into direct contact with our servers. On top of that, we will periodically copy the server data on physical disks and securely store them as backups.

Cyber security
The logical layer of security consists of a software platform that restricts access to resources and services. This layer is deployed in several stages: system access, account access, file access, resources and services access permissions.
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