Components’ assembly and interconnection through combined solderless technologies – COMPACT

Project general information


Project: Components’ assembly and interconnection through combined solderless technologies – COMPACT

Finaciar support: The Executive Unit for Financing Higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation (UEFISCDI); European Commission through ERANET MANUNET programme

Project type: ERANET

Contract number: 153/2020

Period: 2020 – 2022



COMPACT project aims to develop a new manufacturing technology method to build electronic modules without using solder alloy, but materials like conductive paste or ink, resin, electroless copper. The proposed technology might allow to manufacture cheaper and more reliable electronic modules since all the problems caused by the solder joints (defects like cracking, whiskers, tombstoning, voiding, a.s.o.), and by the process (delamination, higher thermal stress of the components), will disappear.

COMPACT involves less energy Consuming processes thus contributing to the environment protection. In order to achieve its objectives, COMPACT combines two processes, the printed circuit board fabrication and the electronic components assembly, into one in which the electronic module is built layer by layer, electronic components placement and interconnection structure, by using other processes (e.g:printing, curing, encapsulation, copper deposition) with existing equipment. COMPACT allows to get robust electronic modules, fully protected to dust, chokes and humidity. It is expected that the first applications will be for harsh environments, underground (traffic/parking sensors), navy, space.



Syswin Solutions SRL, Romania

Politehnica University from Bucharest, Center for Electronic Technology and Interconnection Techniques, UPB-CETTI, Romania

TacticaTIC, Spain.



(in construction)



The kick-off meeting of the project took place online on May 6, 2020. Participants:

PhD. Ana Maria Paraschiv,  Gaudentiu Varzaru, Hannelore Valkanova, PhD. Rosemari Kiss, Adrian Zarnescu, Razvan Ungurelu, Ileana Damian (Syswin Solutions);

PhD. Prof. Ciprian Ionescu, PhD. Lecturer Bogdan Mihailescu, PhD. Assoc. Prof. Mihai Branzei, PhD. Prof. Paul Svasta, PhD. Lecturer Mihaela Pantazica, Cristina Lepadatu (UPB-CETTI);

Isabel Santos, David Lopez Alonso (TacticaTIC);

PhD.Marin Gheorghe (NANOM-MEMS).

During the Event “THE ELECTRONIC WEEK OF ELECTRONICS PACKAGING COMMUNITY 2020” which took place on-line between October 19th-24th, it was presented the paper “Investigations at the Interface of a Multilayer Structure Made of Non-conductive and Conductive Resins”. All the authors are partners within the COMPACT Project. The paper presented the results of some preliminary tests performed within the frame of the Project. The paper was presented by Gaudentiu Varzaru on October 22, during the Poster Session 1, within SIITME event. After presentation, during the discussion time interval, he promoted the new technological method for electronic module manufacturing.


The 29th Edition of Interconnection Techniques in Electronics (TIE & TIE+) and The IEEE 26th International Symposium for Design and Technology in Electronic Packaging (SIITME). The participants in the two events were both from the academia and industrial environment, being located in several parts of the world: Romania, Hungary, Germany, Bulgaria, Poland, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Norway, Finland, Singapore, Japan, USA.


During the 8th International Conference on Materials Science and Technologies, RoMAT 2020, which was held in Bucharest, Romania, November 26 – 27, it was presented the paper “ELECTROLESS COPPER DEPOSITION ON LOW TEMPERATURE SILVER THICK FILMS”. All the authors are partners within the COMPACT Project: C. Ionescu, M. Gheorghe, G. Varzaru, M. Branzei, B. Mihailescu, S. Gheorghe, R. Ungurelu, and P.M. Svasta. The paper, which is the result of research work performed within the project, was presented on-line on November 27 by PhD. Prof. Ciprian Ionescu, Project Manager of P1 Partner – Politehnica University from Bucharest – Center for Electronic Technology and Interconnection Techniques, UPB-CETTI.

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