Exciting opportunities await graduates in the world of mass interconnectivity, and Syswin Solutions is offering them to passionate programmers, designers, and engineers of all ages and educational backgrounds. As a company making connected things, we think not just about how the device works but the entire system on which it will run, so there will also be great scope for network experts.

Students looking for a long-term career in this field will find an abundance of positions in our all year Internship Programme, as well as part-time jobs.

The world is getting ready for the next big thing or, to be exact, the Internet of Things. According to the US technology firm Gartner, over the next five years, 26 billion items will contain computer chips, each wirelessly connecting inanimate devices to the internet to record every aspect of human life.

Ready for the Internet of Things at Syswin Solutions? Here are five skills you’ll need to become more innovative:

  1. Associative Thinker – Joins or connects ideas and facts from different experiences. Transposes observations across unrelated domains.
  2. Collaborator – Brings together people with a diversity of knowledge to solve complex problems. Actively integrates knowledge or strategies of others though they may differ from their own.
  3. Communicator – Explains ideas or concepts effectively through multiple means including writing, speaking, gestures, pictures, diagrams, or stories.
  4. Knowledgeable – Possesses expertise that is both broad and deep. Is skilled in independent learning.
  5. Persistent – Continues to do something although it is hard, and other people want your actions to stop. Continues beyond the usual or expected effort.

These five qualities offer a compass for every individual and every organization seeking to map its future as the Internet of Things approaches.

Join our Team and Connect the World!
Cosmin Dinu
Front-End Developer

I started to work for Syswin Solutions about 8 months ago and the first things I noticed were the positive atmosphere and the friendliness of the people. I am grateful for the trust and support they have given me since the beginning. The things I like the most here are the possibility to work on projects from scratch, the flexible program and the opportunity to learn from experienced people.

Mirela Rucsăndoiu
Junior PCB Designer

I feel lucky my first working experience turned out so pleasant that I couldn’t part ways with it. Due to this reason I chose to keep working here during my last year of college. Here, the working schedule is very flexible making it easy to attend my classes. I have met people who awaken my desire for today’s technology and who have supported my passion for the electronics field. For this reason I’ll forever be grateful to them. Nowadays it is extremely hard to find a job where you feel like home and a team who won’t discourage you when you mess up.

Mihai Secere
Embedded Software Developer

At Syswin Solutions I found my first job and a lot more. I realized work doesn’t have to be something you do just out of necessity, to earn a living.
For me, work means doing what I like and what I’ve always dreamt of doing.

Flexible work hours, the freedom to study, test and implement product ideas of your own, with the possibility of fully developing a working product from scratch, the opportunity of working with the world’s biggest companies and getting involved in all the processes it takes from the very first stages of developing a product all the way to the sales, are just a couple of reasons that make my stay here at Syswin Solutions a great experience.

Silvia Brîndușescu
Embedded Software Engineer

My experience at Syswin Solutions started just over a year ago when I applied for an internship position on embedded and machine to machine programming. I was pleasantly surprised by the passion that was behind every proiect developed and by the atmosphere I found here. I consider the projects in which I was involved interesting and challenging and I think that is the secret that kept me motivate and pushed me to bring new ideas, to expand my knowledge in several areas even if there was times that I felt discouraged or people that made me feel uncomfortable.

I can say now that I am a different person, a person that learned a lot from the people around and from her mistakes, a more responsabile person that knows how to think outside the box and how to take initiative.

Marius Macovei
Embedded Software Engineer

At Syswin I realise the fact that when you put your mind to something, not just you can do it, but possibilities of what a simple idea can become are limitless.
Although at first I was a little sceptical, I have to confess that Syswin proved to be a place where you can learn something new every day, you can feed your passions and even discover new ones. Here I found people with whom I share the same ideas and same way of thinking.

Thanks to Syswin team support I have been successful in designing and finalizing my bachelor project. They offered me not only their knowledge and their patience, but also the material and technological base.

Ileana Damian
PCB Design Engineer

I started working as a PCB design engineer at Syswin Solutions 9 months ago when I was past the middle of my career. I was surprised at first by the youth of most of my colleagues. But I am thankful that they did not make me feel their grandmother.

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