3rd Space Passive Component Day, SPCD, 9-12 October 2018, Noordwijk, The Netherlands

Assessment on using Solderless Assembly for Electronics in Space Applications, authors: Ciprian Ionescu, Gaudenţiu Vărzaru, Mihai Branzei, Norocel-Dragoş Codreanu, Ioan Plotog, Paul Svasta.

The paper presents the results of our investigation in implementing a solderless assembly process for electronics. The addressed technology is known as the Occam process and was patented by Verdant Industries. It is presented our proof of feasibility, at least for a prototyping phase on a single connection layer. Different from the original process that employs for the interconnection tracks a chemical (electroless) copper metallization, we used a new conductive paste, especially developed for printed tracks. Beside the qualitative description of technological steps required to produce the Occam module, there are presented also some quantitative results on the resistance of tracks printed with this conductive paste.


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