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The 41st International Spring Seminar on Electronics Technology, ISSE, May 16–20, 2018, Zlatibor

Properties Investigations on Copper Based Printed Conductive Pastes Electrical Joints, authors: Mihai Brânzei, Ciprian Ionescu, Ioan Plotog, Gaudenţiu Vărzaru.

The paper presents the mechanical and electrical properties of the joints as a function of curing temperatures.

These are made by printing a SW180 type ECAP (Electrically Conductive Adhesives Pastes) on printed circuit boards (PCBs) having daisy chain interconnection structures: one type of structure realized by printing ECAP on FR4 support, the chip components being placed into ECAP volumes corresponding to pads zones, the other type was etched using classical PCB technology in two HASL finishing types, leaded and lead-free.

The micro-sections analysis of electrical joints and the microfractography analysis after shear tests performed on zero ohms, 1206 casing chip components are presented and interpreted.

The database created as experiment results assures a much better understanding of ECAP bonding processes as a function of their curing temperature and offers the possibility to increase the reliability of ECAP applications in electronics.

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