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Syswin Solutions makes IoT technology available and ready to use

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

IMWorld 2017 has presented the first digital solutions (IoT, chatbots with AI, software for SME) for SMEs and technologies for the first time (the “big brother” of production machinery) during the sixth edition from October 4-5, at Romexpo. The four exhibition areas from IMWorld 2017 have gathered up to 130 companies with a joint portfolio of 2,300 digital solutions. The sixth edition has brought together 140 speakers, including 2 of our passionate engineers, namely Adrian Zarnescu and Paul Raetchi and one enthusiast Junior Researcher, Marius Macovei.

The people who have visited us at the stand had the opportunity to discover the Syswin Solutions newest IoT products, namely:

Smart Air – is a monitoring device of indoor and outdoor air quality that records key parameters in real time (temperature, humidity, brightness, VOC– volatile organic compounds*) and represents them visually on a dashboard.

SysAgria – delivers comprehensive real-time information about the environment and development conditions at different phenological stages of crops, fruits and vegetables, based on which proactive treatment, planned fertilization, seeding, and harvesting could be achieved.

SysTraffic – innovative system that offers the optimum solution on the biggest challenge/issue of urban area: the traffic congestion relief. The system contributes directly to the improvement of the environment and lifestyle, reducing the time spent in traffic, the risks of the traffic jam and the pollution level.

Răzvan Ungurelu – Interview about Syswin Solutions new IoT products

Adrian Zărnescu (SYSWIN SOLUTIONS) | Florin Ciuciu (ELKO)  – Media Center Panel: M2M and IoT

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