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Syswin – SCDA-Turda Partnership Innovation in Romanian agriculture

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

Syswin Solutions makes big steps in innovating Romanian agriculture by starting a partnership with Turda Agriculture Research and Development Institute. Internet of Things new technologies are means by which Smart Agriculture expects to revolutionize global agriculture, making it more efficient and productive as a way to produce more and better. Europe-wide, there is an increasing trend of using connectivity for agricultural instruments, leading to significant progress in smart farming practices.

The partnership with SCDA Turda represents an important step in the evolution of smart farming in Romania, as it is possible to monitor crops, thus enhancing the need for real-time information on environmental conditions, specific treatments, and fertilization of Romanian agriculture.

SysAgria monitors the vital parameters of soil, air, and light while identifying the problems that may arise, using a series of intelligent algorithms which analyze obtained data and the possibility of integrating automated and control systems, to act as a decision-maker right on time on automatic irrigation, fertilization and harvesting systems, as well as to solariums and greenhouses.

“We launched the partnership with SCDA Turda as a result of our common desire to offer farmers from Alba, Mureş, Sălaj, Bistrita-Năsăud, Sibiu, Satu-Mare and Cluj, the advantage of using SysAgria equipment which is specially calibrated for the crops in these counties and adapted exactly to the zonal climate.

SysAgria was installed in the experimental fields and is continuously sending real-time data, to the researchers at the agricultural institute, about soil and air, as well as data on plant development. The generated data will calibrate the software on a detail level and this way, farmers in the SCDA Turda monitored area, who already acquired our equipment, will have access to real information that actually helps the quality of the agricultural act.” says Adrian Zarnescu – Chief Technology Officer.

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