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SysAgria Călărași Soy & Corn

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

Two SysAgria stations were installed in Calarasi County to monitor two different crops: a station in a soybean crop and the other in the corn crop. At the moment, these stations are the most complex SysAgria devices installed, “Station 1” with a total of 29 measured parameters, and “Station 2” with 24 indicators.

In the corn crop, SysAgria, besides analyzing the situation of plants, it also plays the role of a standard weather station, providing additional weather information (wind speed and direction, atmospheric pressure, solar radiation, temperature and humidity).At the same time, another innovative aspect is also the crop monitoring by measuring multiple parameters on three different levels in both soil and air.

Given that corn is a large crop of high interest and cultivated on areas generally larger than other crops, the costs involved are far-reaching: fertilization and losses can have, in this case, a considerable impact on the farmer. Therefore, soil monitoring at 3 different depths (through pH, ​​electroconductivity, etc.) leads to a much more specific image of soil health, plant needs and implicitly provides a tool for quick and effective decisions (fertilization, irrigation, etc.).

By analogy, these aspects can also be reflected in the soybean crop, where the second SysAgria plant is installed. Being a rather demanding plant, whose cultivation and growth usually require intensive fertilization, which of course involves considerable efforts, the contribution and need of SysAgria’s solution is understandable.

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