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SmartAirCity combo Alba-Iulia

Actualizată în: 17 sept. 2021

Monitored parameters = relative air humidity, air temperature, gas (carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, ethanol, hydrogen, ammonia, methane, propane, iso-butane), parking (occupying / releasing parking spaces).

A SmartAirCity device in full package was installed in Alba Iulia. Various parking places are monitored in a central area of ​​the city, with parking sensors, reporting the change of location (busy / free). Parking sensors have also been used to detect illegal parking places such as spots for disabled ones or illegal parking in the “forbidden parking” area.

Traffic sensors have also been installed at an intersection for traffic counting and for reporting the number of cars within a certain timeframe.All of these sensors report data via LoRa to a central gateway, called ComboGateway. Its role is to serve as an interface to the Internet / web application for traffic / parking sensors, but it also has a SmartAirCity component, measuring various gases / noxae and temperature / humidity / dust in the atmosphere.

These data are closely related to traffic data and are used to plot the time / time of the pollution / number of cars / time interval. In addition, in the system component there is also an intermediate Gateway, installed in a location in the city, on a building that acts as a satellite transmitter. In the case of parking sensors, the distance to the central gateway was too high, making the radio coverage insufficient. Thus, this transmitter has been installed to provide far greater LoR coverage and to facilitate the communication of current sensors but also for future sensors that will be installed.

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