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BW Conference dedicated to innovative companies – From idea to innovation

At the sixth edition of the conference Business Magazin dedicated to the most innovative Romanian companies, Adrian Zarnescu, the CTO represented the company Syswin Solutions which spoke about how an idea can turn into innovation with measurable results, demonstrating, once again, that private initiatives in the field of innovation are not lacking.

“As a company profile, we innovate, that’s why we gathered 30 engineers and that’s what we do every day. How do we do that? We dream, we put on paper, we develop and then the gentlemen from Globalworth apply the technology.

It is good for products, innovations, inventions to start from ideas or requirements found in the market – but it depends a lot on who that market is for. We are a company, above all, of microelectronics. Over this activity we add embedded software, a layer of data transmissions and so on; for us, innovation really comes from the needs identified in customers or in everyday life. ”

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