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Digital solutions optimize costs and help farmers

Actualizată în: 10 sept. 2021

Adrian Zărnescu, CTO Syswin Solutions, said at the ZF Agrobusiness 2019 conference that IoT solutions implemented in the agro-industry help to optimize costs and help farmers make future decisions.

“The earth is the engine block of this engine (agro): we are the sensors that give information about what is happening in the air, the plant, the air. Thus, we brought a network of monitoring parameters from the ground, from the air, to provide the necessary inputs to farmers, to know when and how to use various systems.

This is how expenses are optimized. With these data, we have developed an application that prevents the farmer from looking at certain diseases or pests, and all these things lead to an increase in productivity and profit that he achieves “, said Adrian Zărnescu.

Article source:  ZF Agrobusiness ’19

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