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24th International Symposium for Design and Technology in Electronic Packaging (SIITME), 25-28 Oct.

Syswin Solutions research team presented two papers:

1. Study of the Waterproof Shelter Colour Influence on the Atmospheric Temperature and Humidity Measurements for an Internet of Things Application; authors: A. Zarnescu, R. Ungurelu, M.I. Macovei, C. Coman, G. Varzaru.

Atmospheric temperature and humidity are parameters of great interest in precision agriculture or air quality assessment in urban agglomerations The emergent technology of Internet of Things comes with the possibility of obtaining information from the field using low power consumption devices equipped with sensors and communication circuits.

A device for measuring atmospheric temperature and humidity was built and housed in an acrylonitrile butadiene styrene material Due to the solar irradiance, the body of the enclosure gets warm and could alter the measurements by thermal conductivity and radiant energy The study investigates the influence on the measurements of these parameters by the colour of the waterproof shelter since there are tendencies to cover it with different paints for artistic design reasons Three different colours were taken into consideration, white, grey and black Experiments have to be performed simultaneously in order to meet the same input conditions for solar radiation and relative humidity.

2. Considerations regarding Computer Aided Design of a structure to be manufactured in Occam technology, authors: Victoria Soare, Gaudentiu Varzaru, Adrian Zarnescu, Razvan Ungurelu, Ciprian Ionescu.

Occam technology comes with significant changes in the way the electronic modules are made because two processes, the fabrication of the printed circuit board and the assembly of the electronic module, are replaced by a single one A compact structure containing the components and the interconnection layers are created one by one on a single line production.

While there are documented several approaches of the domain from the technologist’s point of view, there is not known any document about the designer’s point of view, except for some hints from the promoter of the new technology.

This work is focused on the problems that the new approach of realizing the electronic module brings to the designer Since we usually are using Altium Designer as computer aided design software, we investigated what changes occur when designing for Occam technology The primary change is in the PCB Library where all the land patterns should be smaller.

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