Syswin at its second participation at Stagii pe Bune

March, 2, 2018 For the second consecutive year, Syswin participated at Stagii pe bune, the most significant event for students, in Romania. The event is looking to offer them the opportunity to participate in a summer program where they have the chance to develop their abilities further and to make a significant step in their... Read More

Syswin is creating a culture of innovation

When talking about innovation, traditional research is not enough anymore. It requires people dedicated to their objectives, passion for continuous development and openness to accept different challenges. At Syswin everything we build and develop stands under the innovation key. In fact, we are continually encouraging initiative and innovation under all aspects! Today we are launching... Read More

Syswin updates the Smart Gaming solution by introducing Atmel Crypto Chips

Considering the technology’s continuous development, especially in IT security, Syswin Solutions is pleased to announce that its Smart Gaming hardware platform will contain the new Atmel Crypto Chips, which will provide a superior security level for Smart Gaming solution (unique security level for Romanian gaming industry). Highlights: Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA-2), Advance Encryption Standard (AES),... Read More

IEEE’s Romanian SIITME Show a Success

The 23rd annual IEEE International Symposium for Design and Technology in Electronic Packaging (SIITME) was held in Constanta, Romania, October 26-29, 2017. It attracted more than 190 participants from Romania, and 13 other counties. While there might be some who question the suitability of Romania as a venue for such a conference, the country has... Read More

Provocările IoT pentru asamblarea electronică

O vorbă foarte veche spune că “ce-i prea mult strică”, dar tot în vremurile acelea s-a găsit şi remediul: “est modus în rebus” … Dar cine poate decide care este limita? De pildă Internetul (tuturor) obiectelor. Deja unii se întreabă dacă nu cumva: “schimbările pe care le va aduce Internetul lucrurilor nu vor face mai... Read More

Whose Fault is That Bad Board?

Gaudentiu Varzaru POLITEHNICA UNIVERSITY OF BUCHAREST Not long ago, I answered Editor Andy Shaughnessy’s “Whose Fault is That Bad Board?” survey. When I answered the first question (“If a board fails in the field, whose fault is it, typically?”), I was disappointed that he used radio buttons instead of check boxes. I did not want to blame only the designer for... Read More

Fascinanta lume a cristalelor de cuarţ

Cuarţul este dioxid natural de siliciu (SiO2) care cristalizează în sistemul romboedric, transparent, incolor sau colorat (alb, violet, galben, negru), cu o duritate mare (7 pe scara Mohs) şi temperatură de topire ridicată (1713°C) fiind unul din cele mai des întâlnite minerale de pe Pământ (16% din scoarţa terestră) poate fi admirat în toată splendoarea... Read More