Assessment on using Solderless Assembly for Electronics in Space Applications, authors: Ciprian Ionescu, Gaudenţiu Vărzaru, Mihai Branzei, Norocel-Dragoş Codreanu, Ioan Plotog, Paul Svasta.

The paper presents the results of our investigation in implementing a solderless assembly process for electronics. The addressed technology is known as the Occam process and was patented by Verdant Industries. It is presented our proof of feasibility, at least for a prototyping phase on a single connection layer. Different from the original process that... Read More

A cost-effective solution for remote Carbon Dioxide indoor monitoring, authors: Gaudentiu Varzaru, Adrian Zarnescu, Razvan Ungurelu, Andra Gabriela Iordache

As the forth atmospheric gas in order of concentration, CO 2 is proven to affect health and productivity, thus monitoring its presence in offices, schools and industrial buildings has become a good practice The present work was generated by a real estate company request for designing and manufacturing of an in door CO 2 monitoring... Read More

Crossroad Traffic Monitoring Using Magnetic Sensors, authors: Adrian Zarnescu, Razvan Ungurelu, Andra Gabriela Iordache, Mihai Secere, Madalina Spoiala.

One of the directions addressed by the SmartCity concept is traffic management The detection of vehicles on the road has been addressed through several methods developed based on different types of sensors or devices Herein is presented an attempt to use a relatively new method of detection based on the measurement of the disturbance of... Read More

Integrating Soil pH Measurement Into An Internet Of Things Application, authors: Adrian ZĂRNESCU, Răzvan UNGURELU, Marius – Ionuţ MACOVEI, Gaudenţiu VĂRZARU.

Soil pH is an indicator of the soil quality because it affects plant growing The work presents a device for soil pH determination on site and remote transmission of the result. Normally soil samples are taken from the field and tested in door in aqueous solutions using However, it was an increasing demand for on... Read More

Considerations regarding Computer Aided Design of a structure to be manufactured in Occam technology, authors: Victoria Soare, Gaudentiu Varzaru, Adrian Zarnescu, Razvan Ungurelu, Ciprian Ionescu.

Occam technology comes with significant changes in the way the electronic modules are made because two processes, the fabrication of the printed circuit board and the assembly of the electronic module, are replaced by a single one A compact structure containing the components and the interconnection layers are created one by one on a single... Read More

Study of the Waterproof Shelter Colour Influence on the Atmospheric Temperature and Humidity Measurements for an Internet of Things Application; authors: A. Zarnescu, R. Ungurelu, M.I. Macovei, C. Coman, G. Varzaru

Atmospheric temperature and humidity are parameters of great interest in precision agriculture or air quality assessment in urban agglomerations The emergent technology of Internet of Things comes with the possibility of obtaining information from the field using low power consumption devices equipped with sensors and communication circuits. A device for measuring atmospheric temperature and humidity... Read More
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