25th International Symposium for Design and Technology in Electronic Packaging (SIITME), 26-29 October 2017, Constanta, Romania

Crossroad Traffic Monitoring Using Magnetic Sensors, authors: Adrian Zarnescu, Razvan Ungurelu, Andra Gabriela Iordache, Mihai Secere, Madalina Spoiala.

One of the directions addressed by the SmartCity concept is traffic management The detection of vehicles on the road has been addressed through several methods developed based on different types of sensors or devices Herein is presented an attempt to use a relatively new method of detection based on the measurement of the disturbance of Earth’s magnetic field by metallic vehicles The work describes the applied research for the design and test of a cost effective vehicle detection module based on a magnetic sensor with very low power consumption and data transmission over wireless radio frequency link The tests have been focused on finding the proper algorithm in order to obtain the best accuracy of vehicle detection and lowest power consumption Experiments of the module were performed in the laboratory and at a crossroad in the city.

Poster Syswin Solutions SIITME 2017-3

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