Exciting opportunities await graduates in the world of mass interconnectivity, and Syswin Solutions is offering them to passionate programmers, designers, and engineers of all ages and educational backgrounds. As a company making connected things, we think not just about how the device works but the entire system on which it will run, so there will also be great scope for network experts.

Students looking for a long-term career in this field will find an abundance of positions in our all year Internship Programme, as well as part time jobs.

The world is getting ready for the next big thing or, to be exact, the Internet of Things. According to the US technology firm Gartner, over the next five years, 26 billion items will contain computer chips, each wirelessly connecting inanimate devices to the internet to record every aspect of human life.

Ready for the Internet of Things at Syswin Solutions? Here are five skills you’ll need to become more innovative:

  1. Associative Thinker – Joins or connects ideas and facts from different experiences. Transposes observations across unrelated domains.
  2. Collaborator – Brings together people with a diversity of knowledge to solve complex problems. Actively integrates knowledge or strategies of others though they may differ from their own.
  3. Communicator – Explains ideas or concepts effectively through multiple means including writing, speaking, gestures, pictures, diagrams or stories.
  4. Knowledgeable – Possesses expertise that is both broad and deep. Is skilled in independent learning.
  5. Persistent – Continues to do something although it is hard, and other people want your actions to stop. Continues beyond the usual or expected effort.

These five qualities offer a compass for every individual and every organization seeking to map its future as the Internet of Things approaches.

Join our Team and Connect the World!
Andra Iordache
Junior Programmer

I applied at Syswin Solutions for an internship position during my 3rd year of university as a student with no experience, but full of curiosity and a desire to add practicality to my academical studies.
Ever since the interview, Syswin Solutions seemed to employ an open-minded and flexible work-flow. To them, it was more important that I was passionate and curious, rather than knowledgeable and experienced.
After starting working, there were times when I felt the necessity to have more guidance and organization. However, I soon understood that this is a company where initiative, creativity, and individuality are encouraged. We (the team of interns) were offered the opportunity to develop a complete solution, to implement our ideas and learn from our mistakes, because our mentors’ help did not confine our creative spirit.