Syswin Solutions – Coordinator of the Components Assembly and Interconnection through Combined Solderless Technologies ( COMPACT) project submitted through the MANUNET ERA-NET Call 2018 Program

Syswin Solutions – Coordinator of Component Assembly and Interconnection through the Combined Solderless Technologies (COMPACT) project, presented through the MANUNET ERA-NET Call 2018 Program, announces that it has passed the evaluation procedure and is proposed for funding. Partners in the project are: University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest – Center for Technological Electronics and Interconnection Techniques (UPB – CETTI) and TacticaTIC Company from Spain. The duration of the project is 24 months from 2020.

Syswin Solutions at the conference “Dialogue for the future of agriculture” organized by Raiffeisen Bank Romania

The representative of Syswin Solutions, Răzvan Ungurelu – General Project Manager presented on November 21 “Unlimited Perspectives of Precision Agriculture” at the conference “Dialogue for the future of agriculture” in Oradea -organized by Raiffeisen Bank Romania The conference brought together experts from the agricultural industry with representatives of the profile institutions in Romania, directly interested in the evolution of this sector: From left to right: Liviu Badarau – Sales & Marketing Director – AZOMURES Adrian Raducan – Agrifood business expert, SME Financial Instruments Expert – Raiffeisen Bank Romania Răzvan Ungurelu – General Project Manager – Syswin Solutions  

Why is digitalization important in agriculture?

The representative of Syswin Solutions, Răzvan Ungurelu – General Project Manager presented “Unlimited Perspectives of Precision Agriculture” at the conference in Iasi organized by Raiffeisen Bank Romania The conference brought together experts from the agricultural industry with representatives of specialized institutions in Romania, directly interested in the evolution of this sector.

Adrian Zărnescu, CTO Syswin Solutions: ” Digital solutions optimize costs and help farmers make future decisions ”

Adrian Zărnescu, CTO Syswin Solutions, said at the ZF Agrobusiness 2019 conference that IoT solutions implemented in the agro-industry help to optimize costs and help farmers make future decisions. “The earth is the engine block of this engine (agro): we are the sensors that give information about what is happening in the air, the plant, the air. Thus, we brought a network of monitoring parameters from the ground, from the air, to provide the necessary inputs to farmers, to know when and how to use various systems. This is how expenses are optimized. With these data, we have developed an... Read More

Adrian Zărnescu, CTO, Syswin Solutions: In agriculture we currently monitor 38,000 hectares of land through IoT solutions in Romania

The Romanian agricultural sector is starting to show an appetite for the Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, which brought Syswin Solutions an area of ​​38.00 hectares of land to be monitored through their IoT solutions, explains Adrian Zărnescu, CTO, Syswin Solutions, during the ZF High-Tech Innovation Summit 2019 event. “Currently we cover in Romania 38,000 hectares monitored with IoT solutions. From ground solutions to air sensors. We hope that we will soon expand and observe an exponential increase in interest in agriculture for digitization “, says Adrian Zărnescu, Syswin Solutions, during the conference. As an example, Zărnescu talks about Cerealcom... Read More

The Business Planet team heads to Bucharest to see how Syswin Solutions has been able to safeguard its intellectual property with EU help.

SYSWIN SOLUTIONS is a high-performing SME company in the field of research and development, leader on the Romanian communications market loT & M2M – integrating LTE Low Power technologies -LoRa WAN, NB loT and LTE CAT M1, communication protocols and sensors, to meets the connectivity requirements of various vertical industries. In 2016, the company launched the project The Innovative Platform for Versatile M2M Applications funded by the European Union through Priority Axis 1 – Research, technological development, and innovation, with a total value of 1 million euros. In less than 3 years, based on the Innovative Platform, we have successfully... Read More

The first LoRa Mesh network in Romanian agriculture at Cerealcom

THE BENEFITS OF AN EXTENSIVE NETWORK OF AIR AND SOIL MONITORED PARAMETERS Monitoring and identification of the meteorological conditions specific to the microclimate area and the evolution correlation are necessary with the occurrence of the disease risk in different phenological stages of the crops. Based on the analysis it is possible to identify models, with the help of algorithms for extracting data mining type and big data analysis, predictive models of high accuracy can be created generating warnings and recommendations for treatment and fertilization. AGRIOPTIMIZATION BY TECHNOLOGY Parameters measured by continuous sampling and different heights and depths: temperature, humidity, wind... Read More

Adrian Zărnescu – CTO, Syswin Solutions: Exports account for 80% of our sales in markets such as France and the Middle East

Syswin Solutions, an Internet of Things integrated solutions provider, has become one of the leading players in the local market after securing € 1 million in European funding, which has allowed it to grow rapidly. “We are one of the largest players in the market for the development of integrated solutions in the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem.” “The company was founded seven years ago, it was formed around a group of people eager to research in the field of microelectronics and IT. Along the way we accessed several European funds, including an amount of one million euros, which allowed... Read More

SYSWIN SOLUTIONS is the seventh Romanian company and the second in the Bucharest Ilfov region that has been selected for the SME Instrument Phase 1 grant!

We are committed to the successful commercialization of the SysAgria system; we are in the process of the Grant Agreement preparation of the grant H2020-SME-1-876635 SysAgria. The SME Instrument is a business innovation support scheme that targets SMEs in the 28 EU Member States and the H2020 associated countries. The aim of the instrument is to support the best companies with the most innovative ideas and biggest growth potential through two main phases – Phase 1 for exploring the feasibility of the business idea and Phase 2 for developing the innovation and preparing for its commercialization – and various additional... Read More

The IoT and the Security Challenges

Nowadays IoT became the most known buzzword which impacts businesses in different ways. As every new buzzword on the market, it not only comes with promises but also with limitations and risks. When considering different business models and how IoT leverages business opportunities, the implementation of the IoT can darken the sky. This is due to challenges faced by the companies in securing the IoT systems. Researchers stated that security is a cultural problem and not a technological one. The reason for this, they say, is the fact that a culture of security has not been developed, yet. Hence, the... Read More

How to use SysAgria to increase productivity in agriculture

Daily, more and more people are becoming aware of air and soil pollution’s effect. The alarming rate of the air and soil pollution has become one of the most important environmental problems and unfortunately, the effects cannot be completely stopped. Besides soil degradation, there are also other problems that can affect agriculture. The intense methods of farming that demand the maximum potential of the earth could significantly affect the fertile agriculture area. In this case, the danger of desertification is very high. Plant disease is another critical point that affects the agricultural crop. Depending on the nature of the cause,... Read More

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