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Syswin Solutions Ltd, founded and based in Delaware (USA), is a Software Producer and Vendor that offers IoT (Internet of Things), remote communication management and control solutions (telemetry) for meeting the connectivity and communication needs of the Gambling, Vending and Flow-metering industries. The company has recently added complex Anti-theft and Tracking solutions to its portfolio.

Over the next few years the IoT is expected to have a huge impact on customer service and products and services development. We are prepared for an explosion of IoT generated data, as connected devices generate more and more amounts of data. We have the ability to handle this explosion of information due to our experience of storing and analyzing large amounts of big data. We also manage data security and privacy that become increasingly important as more of our consumers engage with IoT products.

More than 150 clients worldwide trust Syswin Solutions.

More about the M2M World

The Internet of Things is a broad vision of a future where everything — objects, machines and people — is connected and communicating, therefore bringing together the physical and digital worlds.

The GSMA’s vision for the Internet of Things is the ‘Connected Life’. The term ‘Connected Life’ refers to a world where consumers and businesses use many different devices to experience compelling new services and permanent Internet access via mobile networks. These devices include a new wave of smartphones, tablets and consumer electronics, as well as machines, vehicles, computers and sensors equipped with machine-to-machine (M2M) communications. A combination of technologies, including low-cost sensors, low-power processors, scalable cloud computing and ubiquitous wireless connectivity has enabled this revolution.

Companies are increasingly using these technologies to embed intelligence and sensing capabilities into their products, thereby allowing everyday objects to sense, learn from, and interact with their environment. Some of these devices engage in machine-to-machine communication.

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