About Us

About Us

SYSWIN SOLUTIONS delivers high-performance IoT & M2M solutions on a single platform integrating different technologies, communication protocols and sensors to respond to the connectivity requirements that companies and the public sector need to meet in areas like Environment, Smart City, Smart Building, Metering, Industrial Control, Logistics, Security, Media and Casino Management.

Over the next few years, IoT is expected to have an enormous impact on products and services development and to generate an explosion of data delivered by connected devices. We have the ability to handle this explosion of information due to our experience of storing and analyzing vast amounts of big data. Data security and privacy will also become increasingly important as more of our consumers engage with IoT products.

More than 150 companies worldwide trust Syswin Solutions.

Our Process

Innovative Concept & Design - a team of researchers and  engineers design custom solutions for each project.

Prototype & Testing - each product is tested extensively in our research laboratory and additionally by third parties if requested.

Pilot Project & Fine Tuning - we conduct further testing in real-world conditions independently or at the beneficiary's site. We release additional iterations of the product until the right solution is in place.

Deployment & Service - we install the final product and offer remote or on-site assistance and service.

PRIAMM is a versatile, scalable and innovative hardware and software platform serving different industries. (https://priamm.syswinsolutions.com/)
The Innovative Platform for Versatile M2M Applications  (PRIAMM) project started in 2016 and it is funded by the European Union through Priority Axis 1 – Research, Technological Development and Innovation (CDI) in Support of Economic Competitiveness and Business Development, POC Competitiveness – A.1 – A1.2.1 – 2015) for a total value of 1 Million Euro.

Something About Us

We Connect the World

Our vision is a connected world of business and daily life where technology is an instrument in the reach of non-engineers.

We Create The Best Tool For You

Our scope is to give fast, direct and affordable access to business owners, private users and developers to the latest IOT and M2M technology integrated into plug & play solutions.

We Love Our Customers

We create custom made solutions adapted to your needs, either to serve simple or complex purposes with the shortest deployment time.

Useful Resources and Reports

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