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About us

SYSWIN SOLUTIONS delivers high-performance IoT & M2M solutions on a single platform integrating different technologies, communication protocols, and sensors to respond to the connectivity requirements.

Our Story

In 2016 the company launched The Innovative Platform for Versatile M2M Applications project funded by the European Union through Priority Axis 1 – Research, Technological Development and Innovation with a total value of 1 Million Euro.​

In less than 3 years, based on the Innovative Platform, we successfully released four new IOT solutions developed for Smart Cities and Precision Agriculture.

We are committed to the successful commercialisation of the SysAgria system and we are in the process of the Grant Agreement preparation of the grant H2020- SME-1-876635 SysAgria.

Over the next few years, IoT is expected to have an enormous impact on products and services development and to generate an explosion of data delivered by connected devices. We have the ability to handle this explosion of information due to our experience of storing and analyzing vast amounts of big data. Data security and privacy will also become increasingly important as more of our consumers engage with IoT products.

More than 150 companies worldwide trust Syswin Solutions.

Experienced Leadership

Syswin Solutions @ Euronews

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